DWU Removes ACT/SAT Barrier

High school students looking to apply at Dakota Wesleyan University will now be able to apply without submitting an ACT or SAT score.

With an aim to increase access for all students, DWU has created a test-optional policy for students applying for the fall 2021 term and beyond.


“As always, we are guided by the university’s determination to be at the forefront of building different, innovative and relevant pathways for higher education that increase access and impact,” said Vice President of Admissions and Marketing, Fredel Thomas. “This means re-thinking and, as appropriate, revising long-standing policies and procedures to ensure all students have access to a DWU education.”


Read more here: https://www.dwu.edu/news/dwu-removes-act-sat-barrier


– Remember your mask 😷
– Wash your hands 🧼
– Avoid gathering in large groups
– LEARN! 📝💻

We started this semester together, let’s finish it together. Make good choices!

DWU Abuja March 12th Conference Photos

DWU Abuja March 12th Conference Photos


Conference on the State of Higher Education in Nigeria.


The conference on “The State of Higher Education in Nigeria” provides a forum for a holistic assessment of the country’s education sector. In this vein, academics, policy-makers, students, and other vested interests in the field would seek and afford in-depth analysis of the quality, and access to higher education in the country, and how effective constituent institutions are in delivering transformative and responsive education to students. This topical conference comes at a point where Nigeria is at cross-roads and must decide if she wants to be a leader in the 21st century by investing prudently in human capital development. Many countries in Africa such as Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, and Morocco have consistently made higher education a priority, and have seen the benefits in the form of robust economies, and other beneficial externalities. Nigeria has a choice to make!

As the driver of personal and national economic growth, the value of a responsive higher educational system in providing social and political stability is invaluable. Conference participants, from keynote speakers to discussants, shall adduce best practices that institutions of higher learning in Nigeria should emulate to strengthen their core areas of specialty. While serious effort in this regard has been made in the past, access to quality education at the tertiary level remains problematic, and needs to be addressed.


Academics, professors, lecturers, researchers, administrators, principals, students, policy-makers, and other invested parties in higher education.

Facilitated by: Council on African Security and Development

Higher Education Summit

Higher Education Summit

Representatives of DWU Abroad, on the 1st of February 2020 were present at the Premiere International school fair. Honey-Ann Ndubuisi who was among the panellists at the event spoke on How to Decide on the Best University for Both you and Your Child.

The Higher Education Summit had in attendance high school students in their final year who were curious about furthering their education as well as their parents. Pictured below is a student with her parents listening with keen interest while our staff members engage in a conversation with them about the university.


Pictured from Left to Right. Mr. Adawisi, Coordinator for Senior Secondary School at Dority International Secondary School, Aba, Abia State and Honey-Ann Ndubuisi, a representative of Dakota Wesleyan University.

The SS1-3 students of Dority International Secondary School listen intently as Honey-Ann tells them more about the institution.



Honey-Ann talks to SS3 students of St. Bridget College, Aba of the benefits of receiving higher education in the United States.

DWU students hosting ‘Stop the Stigma’ event

DWU students hosting ‘Stop the Stigma’ event

A group of students at Dakota Wesleyan University will be holding an event on campus aimed around mental health awareness and combatting stigma.

The ‘Stop the Stigma’ event will take place Thursday, Nov. 21 at 7 p.m. in the DWU Sherman Center.

What started as a group project for Amber Feigert, Hayden Titze, Katrina Relph and Scott Voje has turned into something much bigger. The group says the purpose behind the event is to better educate the public on mental health awareness, suicide prevention and stopping the stigma that often coincides.

Three influential and passionate advocates for mental health awareness will speak at the event; Angela Drake, Dr. Anne Kelly and Matthew Campbell.

After the loss of her daughter Brittany in March 2016, Drake has made it her mission to turn her tears into armor, and her grief into hope, resources and support. She is the chair of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention in South Dakota, the founder of Fight Like a Ninja Scholarship Foundation and hockey tournament and a support group leader for Survivors Joining for Hope.

Kelly is the head of the psychology department at DWU. She is also a psychology autopsy investigator and certified QPR trainer and chair of the Mitchell Area Suicide Prevention Coalition. She has been honored several times at DWU for her educational efforts and achievements.

Campbell is a sophomore at DWU. He has extensive experience with public speaking and has spoken at DWU in the past about his own personal struggles with depression. He is very open with his experiences and has turned it into a testimony of hope.

Feigert, Titze, Relph and Voje, along with the three speakers, hope to shine light on not only the DWU community, but the Mitchell community and surrounding areas. They hope to educate and better inform the public of the resources available to them and encourage anyone who may be struggling to seek help. Mental health and/or suicide affects almost everyone at some point in their lives, whether it be personally or someone close to them. With a topic that hits home for many, a miraculous group of college students are hoping to switch the narrative and offer hope and an opportunity to advocate for something bigger - A movement we can all rally around.

DWU Opens International Recruitment Office

DWU Opens International Recruitment Office


Dakota Wesleyan University is expanding its global footprint with the opening of its first international recruitment office.

Through a partnership with DWU alum and former board of trustee member, Dr. John Ifediora, DWU has officially opened an international recruitment office in Abuja, Nigeria. Ifediora is leading the efforts in Africa with the help of two other DWU staff members, Godwin Kingsley and Honey-Ann Ndubuisi.

Ifediora is professor emeritus at the University of Wisconsin System, and currently in the faculty of economics at American University in Washington, DC. In 2014 he became the director of the Council on African Security and Development (CASADE) and has lectured widely for over thirty years in his fields of specialty at various universities in the United States, Europe and Africa.

“Dr. Ifediora has provided invaluable connections to the Nigerian private high schools, government schools and offices as we look to expand our international recruitment efforts for the fall of 2020,” said DWU President, Amy Novak.

As an institution dedicated to turning possibilities into reality, the new recruitment office will further support DWU’s continuous efforts to bring more opportunities for global learning to campus.

“We couldn’t be more excited to expand our recruiting programs to Nigerian students and bring more cultural diversity to not only DWU, but the entire Mitchell community,” said DWU Vice President of Admissions and Marketing, Fredel Thomas.

DWU has welcomed students from all over the world including: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Panama, Ecuador, Ghana, Uganda, Canada, the Cayman Islands, South Africa, Ireland, the United Kingdom and England, and is looking forward to extending that list even further with the help of Ifediora, Kingsley and Ndubuisi.

As the university looks ahead to the fall of 2020, the new presence in Africa will certainly bolster DWU’s efforts to increase possibilities, inclusiveness and enrollment, not only for international students, but for the entire university by developing relationships, establishing new connections and stirring excitement for these students when they imagine the possibilities that await them in Mitchell, S.D.

Dakota Wesleyan University has announced its Thanksgiving holiday hours.

Dakota Wesleyan University has announced its Thanksgiving holiday hours.

DWU’s Thanksgiving academic break will run Monday through Friday, Nov. 25-29, for all students. Classes will resume on Monday, Dec. 2. All DWU offices will be closed Wednesday through Friday, Nov. 27-29.

The McGovern Library will be closed Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 23-24; open Monday and Tuesday, Nov. 25-26 from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.; closed Wednesday through Saturday, Nov. 27-30; and will open at 3:00 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 1 and close at midnight.