At Dakota Wesleyan University, we think, ask the big questions and develop ideas. Who you are, how you got here, and what you are studying do not matter; what is important is that you made the decision to join a community where you are encouraged to express your thoughts, discover your strengths, and explore opportunities to learn in a safe, nurturing and supportive environment. Our liberating general studies curriculum affords the essential background students need to think critically, analytically, and with rigor to grapple with important issues that define real-life experiences while preparing them intellectually for civic engagement and leadership roles in professional endeavors.


Our professors, researchers, scientists and programs prepare you for the career you want. The university’s carefully designed curriculum offers students over 40 majors and minors along with specialized fields of study, from traditional disciplines such as political science and physics to interdisciplinary areas like digital communications and forensic science and investigations. Professional and pre-professional programs and courses further enrich the academic offerings available to students, and with the assistance of career counselors, professors and advisers, students receive a broad and deep perspective that come from a combination of a strong liberal arts education and a research-driven inquiry that affords a solid intellectual foundation for a sustainable human development. In a rapidly changing and demanding global environment where new careers are constantly replacing older ones, our students are prepared to thrive.

Our Community

From the moment our new students arrive on campus, they are greeted by the welcoming faces of dedicated staff and senior students, offering all manners of assistance in moving and settling into the various residential halls and rooms. The halls and rooms become the student’s new home; and residence heads and assistants become the student’s first best friends on campus. As the semester moves along, this community learns and studies together in classrooms, eat together in the various eating halls and snack shops, workout together in a new state-of-the art gymnasium, form study-groups in libraries, enjoy movie nights together and attend performances put on by guest artists on campus. Equally enriching, students actively engage in outreach activities in their surrounding neighborhoods to give back, and learn by doing charitable work.

Student Life

Our student body is purposefully small in number but very robust in all important areas. Students come DWU from public and private schools, from rural and urban centers, from states around the United States and from nations of the world. Together they form a cohesive, welcoming, and supportive community of young and energetic scholars, athletes, and performing artists in choirs and marching bands. They go on road trips across the country, and around the world for competitive sporting events, academic excursions, and study-abroad programs. Whether at play, relaxing, or studying together, the bonds they forge on campus make for lifelong friendship. Our alumni around the world remain a tightly woven family that continues to enjoy the relationships formed at DWU, and support the university in their various capacities.

Our State Resources

South Dakota is at once our home, our laboratory, our playground, and a place that offers itself for discovery of known and unknown possibilities. From the depths of the Bandlands of South Dakota to the breadth of the Black Hills, from the heights of Mount Rushmore to the magnificent art work of the World’s only Corn Place, students have endless opportunities to explore and learn, conduct research and embark on edifying short trips that turn the state into the university’s biggest classroom. The lakes, Custer State park, Crazy Horse Memorial, and the town of Deadwood provide further avenue for leisure and relaxation; it’s your choice!

Undergraduate and GraduateAcademic Programs at DWU

Allied Health
Athletic Training
Behavioral Sciences

Business Administration
Entrepreneurial Leadership
Sports Management


Criminal Justice
Forensic Science and Investigation

Digital Media and Design
Graphic Design
Web Design

Biology Education
English Education
History Education
Mathematics Education
Music Education
Special Education

Creative Writing
English Literature

Family Studies
General Science
Actuarial Science

Nonprofit Administration
Political Science

Religious Studies
Christian Leadership

Sport, Exercise, and Wellness

Wildlife Management
Wildlife Law Enforcement


Pre-medicine and Related Health Arts Professions
Pre-Physical Therapy


Master of Arts in Education
Master of Business Administration
Graduate Certificate in Non-Profit Church Leadership
Graduate Certificate in trust Management